Pros and Cons When Buying From a Ticket Broker

When a high demand event is sold out, there are still a couple of ways to buy those tickets. We could either buy from a Ticket Broker or we could buy from a scalper or some other anonymous person selling on the internet through the classifieds. In this article I wanted to explore the pros and cons in buying from a Ticket Broker and buying from a scalper or classifieds:

Buying from a scalper or from an anonymous person found in the classifieds (


1) Tickets may be priced a lot cheaper than a Ticket Broker would list them.

2) There are no service fees and little to none delivery fees.

3) Many deals can be found going through the classifieds.


1) Tickets that you buy may be fake.

2) Since most dealing are done in cash, there is nothing to protect you from a scam.

3) Sometimes these sellers want to meet you in some uncomfortable setting to conduct the transaction that can be very dangerous.

Buying from a Ticket Broker:


1) Most Ticket Brokers offer a money back guarantee policy if something goes wrong with the tickets.

2) Most Ticket Brokers belong to membership groups like the Better Business Bureau that keep Ticket Brokers in line and honest.

3) Most Ticket Brokers offer a reliable shipping method.

4) Many Ticket Broker websites offer other types of valuable information to keep the consumer well informed with the buying and selling process.


1) Ticket Brokers in most cases WILL mark-up the prices of the tickets above there face-value.

2) Ticket Broker charge service fees (sometimes a bit high) and delivery fees.


Although deals may be found by buying from scalpers or finding tickets though the classifieds like, a buyer risks being scammed or even worse–physical danger! However, although buying from an established Ticket Broker most likely will cost more, a buyer will have a peace of mind and know that the tickets are real and they will be delivered safely.